highlight of the summer

july 4th, 2020 - shannonville motorsports park - driver registration

all drivers must read and be clear on the following information if they would like to participate at the highlight of the summer. the cost to drive is $150 cad

  • All body panels must be present and the car must look presentable
  • Lights are mandatory for evening driving
  • No first timers or test drives
  • Respect the track, drivers, staff and property
  • Drivers must attend drivers meeting
  • Fire Extinguisher is mandatory
  • DOT approved helmet mandatory
  • No Coolant (Water/Water wetter is OK)
  • No dripping leaks

driver registration

We are drifting saturday, july 4th from 3:30 pM Until sundown (9:00pm) Please fill out the form below - Entry isn't guaranteed, so please be patient. If you have any problems filling out the form, email us at help@driftjam.ca

registration form